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Terms and Conditions

The sole purpose of the website Booknowgo is to provide air ticketing and travel management services across the globe and assist with planning and purchasing of such services online using the authentic website. Use of the website Booknowgo and its travel related services are governed by the terms and conditions mentioned hereunder and users consent to abide and comply with its terms and conditions including for any changes made while using or after usage or in times about such terms and conditions for the company according to business requirements and or to comply with legal and regulatory bodies.

“The company” also referred to as “Travel Service Provider” “WE” within these terms and conditions operating its business for travel related services through the website Booknowgo complies lawfully to operate its business and The “Customers” “You” collectively referred as Users of the website. The company provides its services for the Users by assembling and availing travel related services from several other mediums and Third party travel services including Mobile and tablet apps. “Terms and Conditions” given herein are entered between “You” and the “Company” to only use and avail such services provided by the company and its usage is governed by the ‘Terms of Usage” of the website legitimately.

Also this website is available for use for users of age 18 or above across countries of the world including US and Canada and their usage of website is by full acceptance and agreement of terms and conditions given herein and are bound by it including regulatory bodies and laws of the countries locally.

Please ensure to read through our Terms and conditions (updated from time to time) before using the website. By using the website and or clicking to agree to the given Terms and Conditions wherever available during usage or on the website “You” agree to accept and abide by and are fully bound by given Terms and Conditions.

If you do not wish to agree to given terms and conditions and or Privacy policy made available through reference of links on website please do not access or use the website.

Representatives or Users using the website to avail services for self or on behalf also fully agree and understand that you are of age 18 or above and providing accurate, true and complete information where needed on the website during its usage and by complying to the various terms and conditions and policies you are also legally creating and binding any such legal and financial obligations.

Accessing the website, Restrictions and its usage
When you access the website you agree to accept and abide by it various terms and conditions and policies and also warrant for only legitimate usage to avail travel related services and without any intent to cause harm or loss.

Any unauthorized or illegitimate usage of the website and its services are prohibited. Company reserves the right to take appropriate actions including legal and any such measures resulting from unlawful usage of the website by the users.

We provide travel related services and reserve the rights to withdraw or amend any such services being provided through our website without any prior notice. We may also block in part or full availability of website and or its access to the users.

The users must provide complete and correct information to avail the services and the responsibility lies with the users for any misinformation resulting in loss of data or unavailability of services.

Protecting your sensitive data like the password or financial information lies with the users and we recommend not sharing them with any unauthorized persons. The company does not hold any obligations for loss or unavailability of services due to unauthorized disclosure of information by the users.

We may also disable access, cancel or make services unavailable at our sole discretion for any or no reason or for any violation of the terms and conditions or privacy without any prior notice and without any reasons.

Monitoring of Information and its Reliance
Users of the website by agreeing and accepting the terms and condition in conjunction with several other policies available through reference on website also agree that we have sole discretion and rights to provide services and or to remove in part or in full any such services or terminate any obligations without any reason or notice. We may also initiate any legal or appropriate actions for any violation of terms and condition, policies, infringements of rights, safety of other users and or public in large or any threat to public or loss to the company due to unwarranted usage of its services. We shall make all efforts to protect user information and their privacy however we would also make any or full disclosure without limiting to of the user data in order to comply with law enforcement authorities, court orders, third party for any infringements or usage of materials or financial institutions.

By using the website and accepting the given herein terms and policies users hold harmless and waive any claims for the actions taken by company, its members, affiliates, licensees, network and service providers and or authorized third party service providers for any loss of services or financial including and not limited to any investigation by such parties, financial institutions, regulatory bodies and or law enforcement authorities.

We may also solely at our discretion disseminate and or assemble user information from or for third party without limiting to and we do not take any responsibility to review the materials or information or communication made available on various channels including online materials.

Also we do not guarantee the content available on website which is for the sole purpose of general information to public and users. We disclaim from any disputes or liability arising from the information placed on the website and or for the reliability or completeness of any such information or materials. The usefulness, accuracy and liability of such information lies with the users of the website. We are not responsible for any information or references posted by third party as they may not truly reflect the opinions of the company and as such we cannot be held responsible or liable to compensate in any way including for financial.

Copyrights, Intellectual Rights and Trademarks Dissociation
All copyrights, trademarks and Intellectual rights lie with respective bodies and the company does not try to violate any of these. Any liability for violations of rights of such bodies including the terms and conditions of our website lies with the users. The users must at anytime stop using the website if such rights are being violated during the usage.

Third parties and content
Company does not take any responsibilities for the sharing, use, promotion of data on any offline or online platform including social media or links and implications of data posted or stored on website during its usage and neither does any of our service providers or affiliates or authorized third parties. Any information shared with the company during usage of website is by consent of user and at the risk of the users only. No loss or damage or any proprietary rights can be claimed from the company or its businesses for using such information shared in any ways the company needs to and wishes to do. All information shared and collected are subject to terms and conditions and privacy policies and by using the website you accept and consent to comply with required terms and policies of the company.

Online purchase of travel services
The company provides its travel services online through different mediums including apps and all such purchases or transactions are done by users by visiting the website Booknowgo. These interactions

on company’s website are governed by terms and conditions and privacy policies given herein and or additional terms and policies which could be updated from time to time as per business requirement and its compliance to several other bodies including legal, financial and regulatory.

General terms for purchase and travel requirements
Users must ensure to fulfill all criteria including travel documentation necessary to travel to domestic and international destinations. Company does not sponsor visas, passports or any travel documents necessary to travel but only provides travel related services. By purchasing travel related services through company you also warrant that you represent and meet all such travelling requirements. Additionally travelling to certain destination may require travellers to possess additional documents while other destination could involve greater risks. Company urges such travellers to carefully read and understand various requirements for travelling to different destinations including international countries by visiting respective websites available and to review and ascertain all such required documentations and destinations including any prohibitions, announcements and or travel advisories issued by governments or organizations of different countries from time to time. The Company does not represent or warrant that travelling could not result in risk, loss or damage or is advisable and as such cannot he held responsible in any way for any kind of loss or damage or unavailability of services purchased.

The travel service providers provide travel services as per the norms laid down by them in conjunction with completion of payments, completion of documentations, and any other information required or defined and the company cannot be held responsible for any performance or non-performance of such services. Your use of website and its travel services are consented and binding upon by all such terms and conditions. Any misinformation, violations or representations made to such service providers or the company resulting in loss or damage must be borne by users and the company has exclusive rights to initiate any appropriate actions including legal or financial and has the right to debit accounts of users or its representatives availing company’s services to recover or claim for such loss to business. The users are solely responsible for any financial activity including charge or fee or taxes arising out of while using the website and its services. Also the financial transactions are dependent of several other factors including currency used and exchange rate and any charges or additional charges due to applicable fluctuations in rates and or applicable varying transaction fees determined and imposed by banks on use of methods of payments including credit and or debit cards must be borne by users only. For any queries related to financial transaction fees or rates imposed by banks kindly contact them directly.

General Airline rules and services
All airline tickets available on the website are subject to general published rules and regulations and availability of aircrafts including but not limited to airline rules, policies for cancellation or changes or any of its applicable offerings and users/passengers are bound by all and or any such rules of the airlines ascertained during purchase of tickets and their contract shall be between the applicable airline and the passengers. Airlines also reserve the rights to cancel, change, update, and modify any travel itinerary, scheduled operation or the aircraft without any prior notice and or reasons. Airlines may operate their business as per their own business requirements, rules and policies and could enter into “Code Share” with other partner airlines to facilitate travel requirements. Users and travellers must check and confirm their tickets and or travel services with their “Ticketing” or “Operating” airlines for checking-in or availing such services.

All tickets issued must be used in accordance to airline policy and in its coupon sequence. Not using the tickets or tickets that are out of proper sequences could invalidate the tickets resulting in forfeiture of ticket value. Also airlines have the rights to cancel such tickets or deny boarding unless otherwise appropriate actions are taken in accordance of the rules of the airlines.

Any such actions by the airlines resulting in the change or cancellation of itineraries, the airlines at their own discretion may deny or accommodate passengers and or provide part or full refund or take appropriate measures as per their applicable rules.

The travel services being listed and provided by the company on its website are maintained for accurate prices and services however in any event of typographical, system or any other error if any or such services, information, prices are underpriced or inaccurate, the company as well as the airline reserves the right to deny the service and or cancel or modify the services already purchased or trying to pay for.

Along with any use of website or availing of travel services are subject to terms and conditions and policies mentioned and included within cancellation and change terms and conditions and referenced within the website.

Also any additional services being provided by the airlines including meals and seats and wheelchairs are at the sole discretion and availability with the airlines. The company’s travel services do not participate or provide any frequent flyer offer, upgrade or discounts and incentives. All such services are at the sole discretion of airlines or its affiliated service providers and travellers are bound by their rules.

Passengers/travellers must ensure to comply and adhere to with all the necessary rules and policies to travel on airplane including legal, security checks and their requirements for using airport facilities and services. Carrying of hazardous substance or materials is prohibited and travellers must know such materials and forbid to carry them either within the airport facility or onboard the airplane. They could visit respective websites to properly read and understand through these requirements and ensure full compliances. Any violation could result in punishments by law including imprisonment and or heavy fines or both.

Changes and update to website
The company Booknowgo, reserves the right to change, update, modify the content on website in full or in any ways deemed fit for operation of its business. We also have all the rights to change or modify before or after or during the use of website and its services for any terms and conditions or policies to operate or comply for business. Additional terms and conditions and privacy policy updates are applicable which may be updated from time to time and the users are bound by any such updated terms and policies. Company also does not have any obligation to intimate users with prior notices about any change or update to the content of website as well as any other terms and conditions and policies. We also do not take any responsibility for any content or material that may be incomplete and or out dated and company is under no obligation to update such contents on website including any compensation for loss or damage. Users consent to all such terms and polices by using the website and must always read and accept all such terms and policies before using the website.

For more details, you can reach us through our number provided on our website our drop an email. Please keep in mind, we don’t operate on government holidays and so it is requested for you to contact directly on our number in case of urgency or for any query related to air ticket bookings.