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Refund Policy

Users must reference to General terms and conditions in conjunction with this for availing of services and or use of website and must fully comply for continued usage. If you disagree with any requirements or your continued usage violates any of the terms and conditions please stop using our website and as such we would be under no obligation whatsoever to provide any of our services to you.

Any tickets purchased are subject to airline polices and as such most airline tickets are nonrefundable however any cancellation done within 24 hours of booking the tickets, buyers may be entitled to get some refund/credit after deducting applicable cancellation/change fees as per the airline policy. Cancellation can be done at least upto 5 hours before departure for which airlines could provide a credit value that remains with airlines for future use within one year after which it expires and value amount is forfeited or as per the guidelines set by carriers. All cancellation or change requests must be made upto 5 hours before flight departure with the company over phone. All eligible refunds would be credited into same account from which payments were made within 7-10 business days or more depending upon cases.

The ticket price shown on website includes cost of ticket and applicable taxes. Additional service fees could be charged at the time of checkout or the displayed price of ticket amount could include service fees per se and any or all service fees charged for booking the tickets or post ticketing fees are non- refundable.

Any refund request would only be admissible if:
The request is made over phone to cancel and refund with the company at least 5 hours before flight departure and that the airline allows for such cancellation and refunds.

Changes to the ticket may be permitted for a change fee along with the difference of fare plus taxes and in accordance to the applicable fare rules and policies including time specified by the airlines. No show tickets, Cases where passenger fails to inform airlines if they are travelling or show up at the airport/airline counter to board within stipulated time by the airline, generally upto 2 hours before departure, are mostly ineligible for any refunds and huge penalties could apply for using the same ticket if permitted. Rules for such tickets are again defined by the fare rules of the airlines. For any eligible refunds we would only be able to place a request with the airlines and acknowledge this request with a unique reference number; however such numbers do not mean that refunds are processed. All eligible refund requests are only admissible by the airlines subject to the fare rules of the tickets purchased and as such we would not be able to provide any specified time frame for such processing but once the airline provides refunds we would be able to notify you.

Company and or the airlines retain the rights to deny any refund requests if found invalid or ineligible and the decisions of the airlines and its fare rules shall be binding upon for all purchased tickets. Additionally, some countries and airports may charge Entry/Exit fees, which are not included in the ticket price as they are charged additionally while entering or exiting and all such charges are to be borne by passengers. We suggest that you visit required websites to know more about any such fees or taxes before your departure.

Baggage and Other Service Fees
Passengers carrying extra baggage, either in piece or beyond the permitted weight limit, would be chargeable by the airlines at the time of check in. Baggage could also be purchased by visiting the airlines website for addition charges. Some airlines do not offer free baggage allowance. We request users to directly consult with airlines or its website to find detailed information about baggage allowance and charges for extra baggage.

Also services like meals, seats or lounge facilities, MAAS, portage and more could be chargeable and passengers would have to pay additionally for availing such services.

Payments and Charges
While using and purchasing the services on our website you could make the payments using credit/debit card. All credit/debit card issued in USA and Canada including several other countries are accepted. Pre-payments or full payments are needed to provide confirmation for tickets and services.

Also for the purpose of taxes and payments being made to service providers your card statement could show multiple charges adding upto the total amount of the cost of services being purchased on our website.

Due to the dynamic nature of our business and its services, the prices could change before or during purchases. For any such changes we would notify you before completion of your payments and you do have the option to accept or deny the revised price. Any payments charged on your card but not received by us for any reasons including technical or denial from banks we would notify you within 24 hours or 2 business days.

Certain payments may not be processed if our security and risk management system or team, for any opinion, finds such transaction to be risky or unsafe. We may also contact your banks to verify any transaction that may need to be verified or validated before processing the payments.

Limitations and Indemnification
Any claims arising out of actions or related to use of website by users must commence within one (1) year from the date it accrues, after which no claims would be admissible for any such action or cause and shall be permanently barred.

You also agree to defend and indemnify and hold harmless and waive any claims from company, its members, affiliates, licensees, network and service providers and or authorized third party service providers for any loss of services, liabilities, damages, or financial expenses including legal fees and charges for any investigation by such parties, financial institutions, regulatory bodies and or law enforcement authorities. You also consent to defend and indemnify for any problems by you related with underlying airlines and or its services including any unauthorized payments and purchases from the website by your family, friends or representatives with direct access to your financial information or credit/debit cards.

Changes and update to Cancellation/Change terms and conditions and policies
Use of the website must be in full compliance of all the terms and conditions and policies incorporated herein, including terms and policies of all service providers to their website and company. Also the

company reserves the rights at its sole discretion to change, modify and update any or all of its terms and conditions from time to time including legal terms and clauses and without any prior notice or reasons whatsoever.

Any change or update to these terms and conditions during or after your usage of website would be in effect immediately and would be applicable to all its usage and access thereafter. Your continued use of the website is by your consent and you agree to abide by its existing terms and conditions as well as its subsequently revised terms and conditions and policies and are binding upon you.

Kindly visit this page periodically to review for any change or update in our terms and conditions and its usage.