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Data collected through Cookies, Third party cookies and other tracking technologies.

While the user tries to use our various services we strive to provide the best possible experience on our platforms, however in the process our online automatic tracking technologies monitors and collects certain information using cookies, which could includes device information, location, IP address, data logs, pattern of web browsing, browser, software used, operating system and more.

These automatically collected details, which may include your personal information form the basis for our statistical and analytical data set and helps us in providing better services to our users. These data helps us in estimating the number of users on website, storing your searches and preferences and thus allowing us to customize our website and its services according to individual’s preferences. While at the same time we ensure to take all appropriate measures to protect the privacy and safety of user data.

Some of the cookies and automatic tracking mechanisms are by use of:
Cookies: A cookie is a small file placed on the hard drive of user computer or on smartphone for better and faster accessibility of our services. The User may refuse to accept browser cookies by applying appropriate setting on browser or smartphone. However, by doing so user may be unable to access certain parts of our Website and its services. Unless such browser setting are done to refuse cookies, our system will issue cookies when the user interacts with our website. Similar information could be tracked and stored using web beacons and flash cookies which is primarily used by the company to provide statistical data or a more personalized service information while on website.

Flash cookies: These are locally shared object or text files (Flash cookies), primarily used for ad and certain features of our website can collect and store information about your navigation pattern, preferences on the website. These cookies are not regular cookies of your browsers and so for changing these settings users must visit Flash player settings on Adobe’s website. Web beacons: These are also called GIFs, pixel tags or clear pixels as they are no longer than 1pixel by 1 pixel and these are primarily placed with website or emails to survey user activities on website and gather data about number of users and visitors on websites, website’s service related emails read by users or shared, popularity of website or its content. This automatic mechanism helps us in determining among others with service quality of content and system integrity. You could change these settings from your browser privacy settings.

Third Party Use of cookies and other tracking technologies:
Many of our services could be provided by third party using the website, app for content, applications, features including but not limited to sourcing and advertisements, ticketing, payment services and more. These services are provided along with a combination of ad networks, content providers, application providers, airline and inventories, various analytics companies, network and mobile devices and more. These third parties could use cookies and or any other tracking technologies to gather information about the user during interaction with our

service platform. Data and personal information collected over time through such mode may be used to understand search patterns, website behaviors and further present with appropriate advertisements and customization accordingly.

The company does not control such activities of data or information collection and how they are used. However for any unwarranted activities and concerns on privacy of information users could directly contact such third parties or bring to the attention of our support members at the earliest to opt out.

Data Protection and Security
Data security of users is of prime importance to our company and we ensure every appropriate measure to protect and safeguard information of our users. We strictly follow secured industry standards to protect data loss due to accidental or unauthorized access or disclosures. Company also implements secure servers networks to avoid unauthorized accesses while all financial information are well encrypted using 128 bit SSL technology.

While the company ensures to protect the data of our users using best industry levels but all the information transmitted online may not be guaranteed to be fully secure. Any transmission of personal data is by the consent and risk of the users. We will try to inform the users at the earliest if for any reason we learn the stored data to be compromised or accessed by unauthorized sources. Although we would try to expedite the process of notifying you through the most efficient channel, this may be delayed at times in case of obligations towards legal or law enforcements and or also complying with our security measures to restore confidentiality of user data.

NO claims of financial or any favorable shall be admissible for loss of data due to circumvention by unauthorized or any such malice elements.

We are highly concerned about the safety and security of our user data protection and we follow all the international standard to ensure you have a smooth and hassle free booking experience through our website.